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Confidence is down and CEOs worldwide are citing trade conflicts as one of the reasons. Find out what else they're predicting for 2019.

Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PwC) recently released their annual global CEO survey. The survey is given to almost 1,400 CEOs worldwide to capture their thoughts on business trends and growth. Business owners would be wise to pay attention because the results can easily be turned into business tips, even for small companies.

Last year's optimism has turned to pessimism for 2019 when it comes to global growth prospects. A significantly higher number of CEOs are predicting a decline in economic growth for this year. This economic uncertainty comes mainly from internal business factors such as overregulation, policy uncertainty, the availability of key skills, and trade conflicts. This lack of confidence extends into their own organizations' revenue prospects. If CEO confidence continues to wane, economic growth will slow down in 2019. The information and skills gap seems to be a particular area where even smaller companies can focus. The gap between the information CEOs need and what they get has not closed in the last ten years. Make sure that you are using the data you collect to help make informed business decisions and hiring the right people to interpret that data. Even small adjustments to your business plan can make a big difference in your growth.

Just like PwC, you can reach out to your target audience via surveys. There are a bunch of free websites, like Monkey Survey, that allow you to easily create a questionnaire for your customers  A satisfaction survey should be given at least annually and should include a place for stakeholders to submit ideas and wish lists. Some of our best ideas at Braun Automotive have come from collaborating with our distributors. Be sure to follow up on any submissions - customers who take the time to share their feelings and ideas will be your best promoters if taken care of. 



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