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Mars "Opportunity" brush is space junk

Fifteen years ago, NASA asked Braun Brush, the parent company for Braun Automotive to make a brush for one of their Mars rover "Opportunity'. The brush was designed to clear dust from space rocks to take clear images of the rock structures on the Martian surface. Last week, NASA announced the death of the Opportunity and the end of an era. 

The rover was designed to last only three months but, much like our automotive brushes, the Opportunity endured beyond all expectations, lasting 15 years and traveling over 25 miles over the course of its life. As it glided across the planet's surface, Opportunity provided never before detailed photos of the ripples of flowing water preserved in the layers of rock. Scientists believe these ripples were the prerequisite for life on Mars billions of years ago.

We're just happy we got to be a part of it.