8 Tips for Motorcycle Detailing

Because 4 wheels aren't better than 2


8 tips for motorcycle detailing


Professional detailers know that motorcycle detailing is not simply the two-wheeled cousin to car detailing. Motorcycles tend to have many more nooks and crannies to contend with. And, since their riders tend to ride hard, they can get dirt caked into places where the sun don’t shine. But before you start scraping the bugs off, there are a few things to remember.


1.     Make sure the engine is cool before you begin. Remove any leather; cover the battery and exhaust pipe.


2.     Give a good rinse and a light wash before you start detailing. Motorcycles get about 300% more dirt and grime on them than cars, so this is an important first step.


3.     Use an acid free cleaner on wheels and spokes. Sonax makes an excellent Power Spray Wheel Cleaner. http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/wheels-and-tyres/wheel-rim-cleaners/sonax-power-spray-wheel-cleaner/prod_1288.html


4.     And speaking of power, the fastest and easiest way to clean your wheels is with our new Power Woolie 12X. Simply attached to your favorite drill and you’re good to go. http://braunautomotive.brush.com/power-woolie


5.     Use a 100 percent cotton rag to clean any chrome on the bike and give you a better shine. You can use a t-shirt or dishrag as long as any seams are cut off to prevent scratching.


6.     Use a degreaser like Chemical Guys Signature Series Orange Degreaser on the grimiest areas. Always dilute with water, never use full strength degreaser or you could strip away the finish. http://www.chemicalguys.com/Signature_Series_Orange_Degreaser_16_oz_p/cld_201_16.htm


7.     Black plastic coverings on grips, instrument panels, and trim will turn grey because of constant exposure to UV light. Use a black restorer like Black Shine Trim Restorer from Griot’s Garage to get it looking like new again. https://www.griotsgarage.com/product/black+shine+trim+restorer+8+ounces.do?sortby=ourPicks


8.     Every rider has stepped on a hot exhaust pipe and left a little bit of their boot heel behind. Use oven cleaner (yes, oven cleaner) to remove melted boot heel residue from chrome exhaust pipes.


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